boom-aid gives back good vibes

not every project or budget is blockbuster big and boom-aid helps us to help you make it

boom-aid logo in red that reads "boom-aid helping you make it"

what’s up next

we know the struggle is real and we have friends, creatives, businesses, nfp's and individuals who are doing good things, so we find these projects and dish out our time, equipment and services to get those ideas out there

every now and then we open up the factory floor to share the boom-vibes, keep your 👀s peeled @boomstudios

people of gertrude street recap

decals, decals, decals! 100s of decals installed for a whole heap of retailers, cafes, restaurants and galleries along a busy high street in Collingwood, Victoria celebrating the "People of Gertrude Steet"

the launch also featured 150 asphalt art prints giving residents and visitors a yellow brick road of visuals to explore while shopping

creative by @spacebetween
‍photography shot by @phamstapham
print & install by @boomstudios

previous things

the boom-bank fun fund

we work with our partners, suppliers, and the boom racing™ pit crew (our merch store) to bank coins that we can reinvest back into our community's good ideas

a vector line-art illustration of a piggy-bank with a bandaid shapes sticker on it that reads "boom-aid" and a coin dropping into the slot

the boom-bank is currently sitting at $1,342

need help making it?

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